BLVCKPRINT, is currently one of the fastest-rising names in the business.
No matter where he is performing or what tracks he is playing,
He's always focused
on the synergy between
music and audience.

BLVCKPRINT's journey in the music world has taken another exciting turn as he recently signed to the legendary dance label, Bonzai Records. His debut on the label comes in the form of a remix of DJ Furax's track "The Searcher", further solidifying his presence in the electronic music scene.

With accomplishments like rocking the stages of Tomorrowland twice and creating anthems for Dance D-Vision and Dreambeats festivals, BLVCKPRINT's talent shines through. His music, characterized by skillful mixing and a strong connection with the crowd, has garnered nearly a million streams. Notably, BLVCKPRINT has also dropped tracks on respected labels like Yellow Fever, thanks to Pat-b, and has been featured on The Qontinent Festival CD.

Behind the scenes, BLVCKPRINT's versatility as a producer is evident through his signings with Armin Van Buuren's label, Armada Music, and his official remix for Bizzey on Universal Music, which has surpassed 100K streams. Labels such as Kontor Records, Southbeat, and Ensis Records have also played a significant role in his musical journey.

The support for BLVCKPRINT's releases is undeniable, with heavyweights like David Guetta, Tiesto, Afrojack, and more giving him their approval. His impact extends beyond the studio, headlining shows at major festivals and clubs globally. Moreover, he proudly secured the 79th spot in the Belgian DJ Top 100, a testament to his talent and dedication to the craft.

As BLVCKPRINT continues to captivate audiences worldwide, his journey in the music industry remains one of success, innovation, and delivering unforgettable musical experiences.

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