Da Rick is a DJ / MC / Producer known from DHT feat. Edmee, Da Boy Tommy and various other productions & projects. For over 15 years Da Rick has been on stage and behind the turntables providing you with floor filling Beats.

Da Rick and his partner in crime Da Boy Tommy are one of the pioneers of the music genre JUMP. With songs like: Attention, Halloween, Candyman, Rumble and Kol Nedra they have conquered the world of hard-dance and even dominated the Belgium and Dutch charts with more than 10 top 20 songs. In February 2013 Da Boy Tommy unfortunately died in a car accident, an era of “Da Boy Tommy & Da Rick” has ended but the legend of Da Boy Tommy will continue!

Da Rick & singer Edmée Daenen are DHT feat. Edmée. With their song & album: ‘Listen to your heart’, they have made it into the Official USA Billboard Hot 100 #8 opening up a whole new world for their style of dance music. After the US, top 10 hits followed all over the world: U.K. France, Spain, Australia, Japan and many more…


Even een kleine introductie van Da Rick.

Begonnen in 1995 als MC Jerky in Club X en bij Danger Hardcore Team.

Daarna met vriend Da Boy Tommy op het podium gesprongen voor JUMPER Records.

Als DJ, MC & Producer heeft Da Rick al veel mooie dingen meegemaakt.

Optredens over de hele wereld en een Top 10 hit in the USA met Listen to your heart.

En natuurlijk komt er nog veel meer aan…..